We first came across Asher Associates Architects, LLC when this fabulous beach house by Mark Asher, the firm's principal, was featured in the October / November 2010 issue of Design NJ Magazine.  We've provided a few screenshots, but you can visit to see the full portfolio.

Here's why we're a fan of their work...

We love that Mr. Asher and his associates design classic shore houses.  They're rooted in historic tradition, and from the exterior, they blend well with the surrounding architecture; they appear as if they were perhaps built a hundred years earlier.  The interiors are quite different, however, since these homes are open, full of light and designed in a very livable manner.

We love the gambrel roof, the porch above the front door, the huge windows (which still manage to maintain a classic look in spite of their massive size), the bright interior with its interesting ceilings and sense of space, the superb craftsmanship..... We could go on and on....

Mr. Asher's homes are quietly elegant and feature classic architectural detail and superb craftsmanship.  "The firm’s design ideology is rooted in 'New Urbanist' philosophies which assert that buildings should be designed as good neighbors, deliberately intended to have a gentle impact on the streetscape and community." --

Another screenshot from Mr. Asher's portfolio.  This home feels like a New England Colonial at the beach!
Here's an interior screenshot of a living room or great room.  Notice the beautiful windows and the ceiling details.  Too many times you'll see new homes with spaces that are open, but seem out of proportion or cavernous.  Mr. Asher pays attention to scale and builds in such intricate architectural details so that his rooms, while large and spacious, still manage to feel intimate.

If you're in the market to build or renovate a home -- especially at the beach -- why not look into Asher Associates, LLC?

For more information:

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