Duck Yes! Free NHL Picks Are 100%!

So far, so good for our newly unveiled Free NHL Picks system. The Anahiem Ducks defeated the Edmonton Oilers in an exciting 10-round shootout to ensure that our Free NHL Picks got off on the right webbed foot. And we intend on maintaining this 100% AT LEAST until tomorrow.

We weren't kidding about the long process involved with getting our Free NHL Picks up to speed. It's not like we are just randomly picking games based off what some internet forums say. We put over a month into our data spreadsheet that we use for these picks and it has payed off in our first attempt.

In the grand scheme of things, 1-0 is hardly anything to be proud of. It's one game, after all. Still, it's nice to see hard work rewarded with a victory the first time out.

Plenty more pucks coming your way here at Stock Lemon, be it money line or puck lines (Canadian lines). Stay with us as more and more hockey begins to grace the pages of Stock Lemon throughout the next few months.