I've Been a Very Bad Girl

Every year this happens. The best stuff goes on sale right around the holidays. Coincidence? Or a really smart ploy to get us shopaholics going?
I feel like a really selfish bitch because though I bought myself no less than 7 pairs of shoes... seriously... I have yet to buy any Christmas presents.

But I know I'm not alone! Every girl friend I complain to tells me the same thing. "Me too girl. Me too."

Listen. It's too damn cold and I'm too damn busy working shoe making miracles to stand outside posing for photos but here is a little sneak peek of the shoes...

ok, NOT on sale but look at them!!! Amaze.
ACNE wedge booties on sale at Net-a-Porter

YSL shoes on sale (I couldn't believe they were on sale in my size!!)

Both from Jessica Simpson, both on sale on Cyber Monday :)

Last but not least... these Givenchy booties on sale at Nordstrom!