Let the Bowl Season Begin!

It's officially time to go bowling! (And who knew we could find so many pictures of cute girls in bowling alleys. The sport apparently isn't reserved for The Dude.)

Saturday brings the beginning of the college football playoffs... er... bowl season, with three games kicking off tomorrow. We have a Free NCAA Football Pick on one of them.

Before we reveal our pick, we're going to reveal our plan this bowl season. Like we said earlier, we won't have a play on every game--but we still will pick every game straight up for amusement's sake--with a catch.

In a collaborative effort with our friends over at The Bucky Channel, we'll provide our picks in a friendly little competition with them to see who has a better grasp on horrible teams playing each other for 30 bowl games plus five good games.

One of the reasons we bring this up, aside from the fact that we were going to anyway, is that since The Bucky Channel crew has shipped off to Boston for the Packers-Patriots game, we were asked to turn in our Saturday picks a bit early. We hinted at BYU being a possible Free NCAA Football Pick, which it turns out will not be. We just wanted to make that clear.

So what will be the Free NCAA Football Pick on this the first Saturday of bowl action? We're glad you asked. You need not look any further than Saturday night's New Orleans bowl.

Troy -2 over Ohio

Happy bowling and be sure to check back throughout bowl season as we look to finish the college football year with a bang.