Long Hairstyles Picture Gallery. Hair Tendency.

The main tendency of the next season is long hair. It would be better to say that long beautiful, healthy and shining hair is the trend! Naturalness is in fashion as well. Let's see what hairstyles fashion stylists suggest us.

Long Layered Hairstyle

Soft chestnut tones gently blend to the deep brown tones in this layered style. The long bang is softened by razor texturing, and the inner perimeter increases the dramatic taper of the length from top and crown to the ends. The haircut is made for fullness, with lift at the roots, but an emphasis on smooth volume.

Big Curls

The vamp style returned! This long, volume, large wave and big curl speaks for itself. This hairstyle makes us think of Anita Ekberg, Brigitte Bardot and other movie stars who dared to be sexy and did not hold anything back. It’s time to get those flaring strapless dresses out of the closet again and pump up the volume – looks perfect in a golden blonde!

25 cm of creative disorder.

The fringe area is deep. The color is multi-tonal with a rich warm color that blends into a deeper nut brown.?

 Long and Curly 

On the long base, the hair is lightened by successive layering and by point cutting the ends for maximum lightness. The slightly rounded bang of hair gives style to the haircut. The curling iron is used non-uniformly on the naturally dried hair.

Softly Styled and Free-flowing

Here is a long-layered haircut with a satiny finish to the soft waves that frame the face. The long bang brushes the nose and sweeps across to create the big curve that doubles back on the sides to accentuate the chee. The colour is a soft fawn-like beige-blonde with a few subtle highlights. The hair is parted to the left side with a forward-aimed invisible parting.

Voluminous Haircut

One day nice, the next day mischievous. With a good base cut you can have it all. A Z-partition and light teasing at the roots bring out this voluminous style. The fringe is long, the lower third of the hair is layered just enough to take off some weight and create wispy ends. Blow dry over the head, tease, ruffle and fixate it with a dose of shine adding hairspray.