If you're remodeling a bathroom or working with an architect to design the baths in a new home, you don't want to miss this entry on our latest obsession -- the Michael S. Smith Collection at Ann Sacks.  

Why we're fans of Michael S. Smith: Mr. Smith's style is timeless; all the elements that go into his work are classic and refined, and the products lines he designed for Ann Sacks are nothing less than spectacular.

We've posted some screenshots of our favorite items / scenes (after the jump), but you can visit the Ann Sacks website to see the entire collection.

PRODUCTS IN THIS PHOTO: Michael S. Smith Town Mirror; Selene Slab; Michael S. Smith Labyrinth Seville Deco; Michael S. Smith Country Console

Known for his inventive style of mixing Old World classicism with very contemporary settings, Smith's collections emphasize the dichotomy of town and country living, and how each can achieve a relaxed yet polished look. Smith is interested in combining periods, styles and colors in his decorating. His style can be called a blend of European tradition and American modernism. The result is a comfortable elegance, a non-theatrical look that is ultimately very understated in its presentation. -- Ann Sacks website

PRODUCTS IN THIS PHOTO: Michael S. Smith Inigo Basin Set, Lever Handles; Fairchild Bath Furnishings; Michael S. Smith Labyrinth Square Dance Deco; Michael S. Smith Town Pedestal

PRODUCTS IN THIS PHOTO: Michael S. Smith Signature 3" x 6" Field; Michael S. Smith 3" x 6" Beveled Field
PRODUCTS IN THIS PHOTO: Hampstead Glass Wall Shelf; Michael S. Smith for Town Basin Set with Lever Handles; Michael S. Smith for Town Mirror; Michael S. Smith for Town Toilet Tissue Holder; Adagio 5/8" x 6" Pencil Liner; Adagio 3" x 6" Field; Adagio 2 1/4" x 6" Ogee Molding; Adagio Custom Mosaic Border; Adagio 4" x 6" Beaded Base; Adagio 9/16" Mosaic; Michael S. Smith Country Console; Michael S. Smith Town Toilet

PRODUCTS IN THIS PHOTO: Michael S. Smith for Town Mirror; Blue Celeste Pencil Liner; Blue Celeste Minibrick; Blue Celeste Beaded Base; Ann Sacks Mosaic Cartman Border and Field

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