The notion of a modular home typically calls to mind the image of a cheap house that lacks any hint of architectural detail, but Sandy Spring Builders, LLC and Haven Custom Homes are about to reinvent the concept. These companies have come together to create New Classics, an exciting line of high-end modular homes.
Photo from the Bethesda Patch (click here to read article).
"Timeless detailed architecture and unsurpassed craftsmanship are hallmarks of a Sandy Spring Builders' home. New Classics by Sandy Spring Builders embraces these hallmarks and marries them with today's state-of-the-art sustainable construction methods to produce new homes that stand the test of time." -- New Classics by Sandy Spring Builders, LLC
Over the next few days, we plan on highlighting different aspects of New Classics and the high-end modular home building process, but right now, we'll start with the basics.  

Potential home buyers can browse the New Classics Library of Plans, which features designs by two award-winning firms, GTM Architects, Inc. and Studio Z Design Concepts LLC.

Right now, buyers have a choice of eight different models: The Adams, Bradley, Burning Tree, Denton, Jefferson, Madison, Nantucket and Roosevelt.

Floor plans are customizable to a certain extent, so you would review your options and choose the layout that best suits your needs.  In the screenshot below, you can see that there are four different floor plans associated with the Jefferson design.

You can click on each floor plan to review the details.

Buyers can also customize the exterior of their home.  Again, choices are somewhat limited, but they work well in the scheme of the design.  Several options are available for roofing, siding and shingles, trim, shutters, door, brick and windows.  Once you choose the option, the image is immediately updated on your monitor.  That certainly takes the guesswork out of the design process!

Tomorrow, we'll explore more facets of the process and the benefits of modular construction.  But for now, be sure to visit the New Classics website to learn more.  

You can also visit the New Classics Bradley Green Show Home at 5312 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda MD.  If you don't live in the Washington DC Metro Area, a virtual tour is available online.