Now, for something completely different

Instead of my usual bitching this will be different. Yeah, it was a crappy day, so let's talk about something everybody likes--commercials.

Some of youse may know that on a cruise years ago, in a trivia contest about commercials I tied an advertising exec in knowledge of commercials. I won when I anwered a general trivia question. (What is lighter than air, yet can sink a ship? I'll give the answer tomorrow if no noe can guess correctly, but I'm positive one or more of you will.)

Anyway, three commercials truly make me smile every time they come on.

Garth Jr. rocks!!! What's not to like about a 10 year old Viking with a beard? Absolutely hilarious!!!

#2 How can anyone not crack up when they see Peggy from Discover commercials. Peggy is the greatest customer service person ever.

#3 The girl who sings Hyundai carols is so cute and sings like an angel. I get tired of every diva belting out tunes with such a boomig voice that they turn jingle bells into opera.

You miss a lot by not watching TV. I'm sure most are on youtube though, Sandee.

If I can remember, how to do surveys, soon, hopefully tomorrow there will be a survey here on the blog that I hope everyone will participate in. It's about some issue that is currently causing major strife in Casa Crotchety. As usual it is all my fault, alledgedly.