This addition / renovation by Oliver Cope Architect and Mayfair Construction is truly exceptional.  The architect and builder transformed the house from a generic, though lovely, colonial into this exceptional shingle-style home.

Check out a photo of the house in its original state.  While it was a lovely white colonial, it was a bit bland.

But after Oliver Cope and Mayfair Construction completed the project, the architecture is exceptional.

The "new" home feels like it's been there forever; it seems like it has a history, as if it existed on that site for perhaps a hundred years in its current state.

The different shapes and rooflines add interest to the home.  The design also make the structure feel more intimate, which is not easy to accomplish with a house this size.

The rear exterior: The covered porches face the water.  The back of the home is just as beautiful and interesting as the facade.

A gorgeous kitchen, with painted white cabinetry, marble countertops and wide-plank hardwood floors.  Notice the curve of the woodwork on the island, the shape sort of mimics the arches.  And that sweet dog looks awfully happy in this gorgeous house!

I like this a lot -- it's a breakfast / keeping room, overlooking the water.  Again, we see the arches repeated, this time in the built-in cabinetry that surrounds the fireplace.

And here we have two photos of the library.  Of course the woodwork is fabulous, but my favorite aspect is the shape of the room and the ceiling, which adds a sense of drama.  The architect or architectural team responsible for the project created an elegant home with a sense of history, and the talented craftsmen at Mayfair Construction, who carried out Oliver Cope's vision, certainly deserve kudos, as well.

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