Stock Lemon and The Bucky Channel Go Bowling!

We are going to continue with this bowling pun so long as we continue to find pictures of hot girls bowling. But to be clear, it is bowl season in college football and we like this time of year about as much as we like girls bowling in bikinis.

While our Free NCAA Football Pick system should have quite a bit of plays during the bowl slate (like tonight's New Orleans Bowl), we won't have a play on every game. To fill the void, we will be picking every game straight up over at The Bucky Channel.

Check out our first installment of the collaborative effort between our brothers from different mothers over at The Bucky Channel.

You'll notice that, when we turned our picks in a few days ago, we thought BYU might be a Free NCAA Football Pick. Well, now you know why. It turns out it didn't fully meet our criteria, but definitely was a strong lean.