A very happy Sunday to youse

It's raining, damp, and cold, yet I feel good. It's probably the Celexa. :)

I'm not going to post the poll, but I'm sure it will run along gender lines. Since more women than men read this, Mrs. C. won the debate. I'm Celexahappy about that.

Also, I found a package of chocolate Twizzlers that she had hidden, which also cheers me up.

On to another subject.

"The boys" were sore. I spent 6 hours in a vinyl chair, and I use a slide board to transfer. A slide board is a 30" by 6" board that I use to go into my chair, go in the car, go on the potty, etc. When "the boys" are sore, youse can imagine the pain.
I called my friend, Freddie, and asked him if he had any ideas. He said to spray them with Pledge.

Said they would be slippery. I thought that made sense.

I sprayed and the pain was incredible!!!

I buffed for a half hour so now they are sore, itchy, and shiny.

But on the bright side, they are lemony fresh.