What's On Your Xmas List?

Christmas shopping is in full swing and I don't know about you but I have a really hard time finding good stuff for my friends and family. I usually get my best ideas from someone else! So here are some ideas from me that you can steal and hopefully, one of you will make a list I can steal from. ;)

For the confection connoisseur in your life...

The world's biggest Gummy Bear. Seriously.
Leave it to the guys at Toddland to come up with this! 

Twinkie Chan's cupcake scarf. Deliciously adorable.

Agent Lover's cake hats!! I have a pink one :)

I love these mini donut trays! Baked, not fried. Great gift for your masterbaker ;) 

My new favorite treat. Seriously delish. Fran's Famous Salted Caramels (I like the dark)

Or what about surprising your gift-ee with a cooking class? Fun and thoughtful! 
Your local Williams Sonoma offers courses here.

The girly girl...
The Yokoo Minnie bow! I have it in pink and cranberry :)

PJs are a traditional Christmas gift, but Betsey Johnson PJs are my kind of cozy!

I imagine these would feel like warm marshmallows on your feet. But, you know... not sticky.

Cute accessories for your iPhone! You can even take it to the next level and get an amazing 
bedazzled one ;) This one is amazing!

Such a cute pen! And only $5

For your favorite nerd...

I don't have to tell you that 9 1/2 out of 10 people would love to get an iPad under their tree. I am one of those people.

I love anything Star Wars. In fact, Ben and I are taking full advantage of our last name and naming our child "Something" Han Soto. Yes I'm serious. And my best friend's last name is Walker but she refuses to name her son Luke Sky. Go figure.
ANYWAY- these suits are amaze and I got the Threepio one.
Use code SPLISHSPLASH for 10% off

Also see Skymall's Star Wars Shop.

I will never stop loving Napoleon Dynamite. You can sleep like him every night.

My sister used to play Ninja Turtles. Now she can have a TMNT Snuggie!
My lovely friend Jolie got me a leopard print one and I'm using it to lure my puppies into snuggle submission as I type!

Hey Book Worm...

Coffee table books are always great gifts. Here are some goodies!

All books from modcloth.com

Sparkle Sparkle...

Everybody needs a little glint and glimmer in their lives. 

From Tarina Tarantino's Acid Alice collection

Show your love with an initials necklace! I love this double initials one cause you can have you and your boo's initials or a first and last... whatever you want! Maybe you're a two timer? None of my buisness...

Get a cute necklace, support a good cause!