Four Dogs, Four Straight Up Wins For Free NFL Playoff Picks

... Now let's go eat a god damn snack!

If you're not following our Free NFL Playoff Picks, what are you waiting for? After a successful season over 60%, we are now 4-0 in the playoffs, picking four dogs and seeing them win straight up in each contest so far. While we foolishly haven't been betting money lines (part of a long-term philosophy that we may need to re-think), we hope you have been doing so or at least hoping on these picks and taking the points.

The Jets are the latest to win straight up despite being huge dogs of 9 1/2 points. As we noted earlier this week, this line was largely public driven based on the Week 13 game between these two clubs. Sure, the Pats kicked the crap out of the Jets, but not to the point where they should be nearly 10 point favorites in an intra-division playoff game against a highly confident and talented squad.

While our Free NFL Picks stay hot (7-1 since Week 17), they are far from finished. We'll have plenty of coverage as the NFL's Final Four heads toward the 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45). Will it be the Jets-Bears? Jets-Packers? Steelers-Bears? Steelers-Packers? We'll find out soon enough--and then the real fun begins: Super bowl prop betting season.