Free 2011 NFL Pro Bowl Pick

We may be the best source for 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45) prop betting analysis (self-proclaimed), but as far as we're concerned, there still two NFL games remaining this season. We're talking, of course, about the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl!

While many are quick to dismiss the Pro Bowl as a terrible All-Star game, we love the game, if only because we know how desperate we're going to be for any sort of football during the months following the Super Bowl (as evidenced by our occasional AFL and UFL coverage).

This year, with the Pro Bowl back in Hawaii, we're excited to make our Free Pro Bowl Picks--though as we warned earlier, we don't technically count these as Free NFL Picks given that they are not part of our system. Though it is worth noting, our Free NFL Pro Bowl Picks were 2-o last year. Just sayin'.



Last year, we went with the NFC and the OVER, and won them both as the all-time Pro Bowl record evened between the AFC and NFC to 20-20. This year, we think the AFC regains their lead. Injuries and replacements decimated both sides, but particularly the NFC's defense. Aside from that, Bill Belichick is 2-0 all-time as the coach of the Pro Bowl, and we generally think the better coach usually wins this game. Hoodie has the edge over Mike Smith. Aside from that, we're supposed to bet against Mr. Pro Bowl, Peyton Manning? Not gonna happen.

As for the under, this over/under is set a little higher than normal after the shootout in 2010. Over usually draws most of the action in the Pro Bowl (and Super Bowl), but we think under is the play this year.

We'll throw in some Pro Bowl prop bets before the game tomorrow, and our Super Bowl prop bet coverage is nowhere near complete, so stay with us here at Stock Lemon as we continue to make the final games of the 2010 NFL season as fun as possible.