Happy New Year

I was so busy on New Year's Day I haven't recovered yet.

On many Holidays, TV channels have marathons, whereby they play episodes of one show.

This year, are you ready for this, there was a marathon of The Three Stooges, and the A Team, and The Honeymooners, all at the same time. I know... my remote control was overheating.

If Gilligan's Island was on a 4th channel, my brain would have exploded.

Today we're back to what passes for normal at Casa Crotchety, and while watching the Price is Right, I saw what may be the dumbest item ever. A treadmill bike. You can travel on it while walking along. Wouldn't regular walking do the same thing?

By the way, I made some resolutions.

I resolve to write better. Rather than the short posts, I'll try to make them worth reading.

And, lastly..,...,..STOOPID GIANTS.