Projected 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45) Spreads

We're down to the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers as we prepare for our coverage of 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45). But why wait until the matchup is actually determined to take a look at possible spreads for the Super Bowl. Bob's Blitz has the scoop, and here's what those lines look like:

Packers -1 over Steelers
Packers -1.5 over Jets
Jets -2.5 over Bears
Steelers -3 over Bears

So this confirms it: Vegas thinks the Packers will win it all regardless and the Bears will lose it regardless. Of course, these lines are easily swayed by the most recent performance of a team, so if there is a blowout in one of the AFC or NFC Championship games, expect that to be reflected in the actual 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45) spread.