Updated 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45) Odds: Will it be Packers vs. Steelers?

It's the Tuesday before 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45) in North Texas, and before we can get to our Super Bowl prop betting analysis, we have to wait for the actual matchup to be determined.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the updated odds to win Super Bowl XLV (45).

Green Bay Packers +175
Pittsburgh Steelers +200
New York Jets +350
Chicago Bears +450

The Packers are clearly the favorite to come out of the NFC--going into Chicago to beat the division rival Bears. The Pack have the hot hand, and it's often wise to ride it in the NFL playoffs. Yet, for a road team to be such overwhelming favorites has to raise the eyebrows a bit. Beware the road dogs, as they say, particularly in the NFC Championship game. Aaron Rodgers recent performances have the public loving the Packers a little too much.

The Steelers are the team favored to matchup with the Packers, and according to the odds, lose to Green Bay in the Super Bowl. The difference between the Steelers and Jets (+150) is a little more reasonable than the (+275) difference between the Packers and Bears, again keeping in mind that this game is played at Soldier Field.

So those are the individual team odds, but what about the actual matchups? What are the odds on the predicted Steelers/Packers matchup based on the team odds to win the game?

Your odds to meet in Super Bowl XLV (45) are as follows:

Packers vs. Steelers +110
Packers vs. Jets +250
Bears vs. Steelers +250
Bears vs. Jets +500

From our perspective, as we've been riding dogs throughout the NFL postseason, we like seeing these +500 odds on the two underdogs, the Bears and Jets. Aside from oddsmakers overwhelmingly thinking the Packers and Steelers will meet for the Lombardi trophy, is that the Packers/Jets (total of +525 to win Super Bowl individually) can be had at the same odds as the Steelers/Bears (+650). But again, those +500 odds are something to think about for a Bear/Jets matchup, despite the bookies' opinion (which is a reflection of the way the public thinks, or at least the way bookies expect them to think) that the Packers and Steelers will meet.

The way these NFL Playoffs have been going, always expect the unexpected--including for the Super Bowl XLV (45) matchup.