Updated Odds to Win 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45)

We're officially one week closer to the 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45), and it isn't too early to wonder who will win the big game.

With 1/4 of th league remaining in contention for the NFL title, let's take a look at the updated odds to win the Super Bowl, courtesy of SBG Global Sportsbook:

New England Patriots +200
Atlanta Falcons +500
Pittsburgh Steelers +500
Baltimore Ravens +1200
Chicago Bears +1200
Green Bay Packers +1200
New York Jets +2000
Seattle Seahawks +10000

The Patriots are heavy favorites, but if you are buying a continuation of the dynasty, here might be your last chance to get them at a decent price. Not that we're advising that. There are so many quality teams remaining that it could be worth your while to pick your favorite of the teams outside of the top three favorites.

But why wait for the Super Bowl to get in on some future bets? Let's take a look at the updated odds to win each respective conference. First, the odds for which team will win the AFC:

New England Patriots -130
Pittsburgh Steelers +300
Baltimore Ravens +700
New York Jets +1100

Your best bet is to go with the field over the Patriots. Both road teams, though they have a tremendous task going into Pittsburgh and New England, also have great value. For teams as good as the Ravens and Jets, odds this high are rare.

As for the odds to win the NFC:

Atlanta Falcons +180
Chicago Bears +350
Seattle Seahawks +500
Green Bay Packers +550

Surprising to see that the Seahawks, at 8-9, don't possess the worst odds in the NFC. The fact that they could potentially host the NFC Championship, and the fact that they beat the Bears in Chicago earlier this season, could be a reason for that. The Packers, meanwhile, lost in Atlanta earlier this season, but for a team as explosive as Green Bay, +550 might not be a bad bet. The Falcons at +180, considering how good they are at home (and that the 1-seed in the AFC is at -130), also have a lot of value.

Eight teams remain in the NFL playoffs, and plenty of content remains as we inch closer to our extensive coverage of 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45).