This Hub is created randomly, while I was searching for some photos for my another Hub, I came to the contact with many interesting body painting - images.
From the another point of view, I had seen in past months so many "Hot sexy pics" Hubs, so for difference, let us see the body as a canvas for artists. Honestly I hoped that I will be able to present equal number of female and male photos, but was disappointed after I discovered that majority of truly beautiful body painting is done on female bodies.
So there are only 4 "only male" photos there, sorry ladies, it is not my fault...
We are very often hypocritical about our bodies, but they are beautiful art of nature and certainly they are our vehicles which lead us in ecstasy or pain, lust or trouble, in younger age seems that everything is arriving at the same time.
Gender is determining us each of us to the high point and every gender has its own problems when is connected with the body issues. To no-one is easy to understand and control his/her own body (especially in young days), and is even more complicated to find the way how to communicate, understand and explore somebody else`s body especially when this other person has different gender.
Men certainly see us with different eyes even as artists.
Even through the art of body painting we can perceive the difference:
1. First set of photos is done by male artist. They are beautiful and connect women with natural forces within, what is very often topic of the body-art. But if you look more closely on the design of some of his body paintings, you will notice painted "fearful faces " on two photos as well as please observe the black lady and the big eyes on her body, she is obviously hiding herself from her own beauty and sexuality.
Through this, author expressed his subconscious fear from female energy (I did not show all his photos so know what am talking about) although he admires strength of the woman and through his own fears, he has shown us so many other things as well:
  • fears which every woman carries within - fears from her own natural force, fears from her own sexuality , fears from her own beauty ... A lot of issues to work with.
His body painting is really masterwork:


.2. This beautifull set of photos come from body painting festival from South Korea. The artists ARE WOMEN. You will perceive beautiful colors, tender energy, and also connection through the world of natureal forces through creating fairies and other spirits of nature:


Finally for "GIRLS EYES ONLY"....Were are these hot sexy creatures from our wildest dreams??
I have found the photo of one guy, who was masculine enough to be interesting, but he asked money for downloading the photo. Whatever is his opinion about his body, he did not look SO good, ha, ha....
Photos here express beautiful colourful soul of modern man, and I think that first two are done by female artist, what I would not say for the third one. For the forth photo I can say that he has whole harem of female faces on his skin, so very probably the artist is man.


Someting cute for the end.

Last few pictures are done on hands (arms) are not they just - beautifull??