Louboutin Calypso RePost

I am re-posting this since Christina wore these shoes to mess up sing the National Anthem at the SuperBowl today...

~~~~~~~~ORIGINAL POST OCTOBER 2009~~~~~~~~~

I went to see my friends at the Louboutin boutique today to visit them and their new arrival... The "Calypso".

I don't even know what to say about these shoes... They're just amazing and that's not really doing them justice. You should really go in and see them in person. They're magical. (sorry for the photo quality- they were taken on an old blackberry)

christian louboutin calypso
christian louboutin calypso

They're black velvet with black and blue suede, covered in Swarovski crystals ...drool... and with a whopping 160mm heel height. WOO! Sky high!

Unfortunately for me, they're about $3400 so in other words- they're unattainable. I'm glad to have pictures of them anyway so I can at least say I had shoes this great on my feet if only for a few minutes.

This pair went to Mrs Vanessa Bryant... Go Lakers!