Free NCAA Tournament Final Four Picks

It's Final Four time, folks. The culmination of a month-long period in which the nation pretends to still care about the NBA's farm system is this weekend. Here are our Final Four Picks:

Butler -2 1/2 over VCU

UConn +2 over Kentucky

Best of luck and check back Sunday for our Free 2011 NCAA Basketball Championship Pick!

2011 Free MLB Picks: Also Coming Soon

We have a lot to look forward to here at Stock Lemon. There's the Final Four, the NFL Draft, some random Arena Football League bets, maybe even some MLS action.

But let's not forget about baseball!

Our Free MLB Picks will be back and better than ever (which is to say, we'll have more than five of them throughout an entire summer... we think).

Like many of our systems (except the Free NFL Picks, which are our best), we'll start slow and ease into the baseball action, waiting to accumulate enough data on the 2011 MLB season. Once we get going though, then we'll really start cooking, likely posting a few picks a week before completely disappearing in July and pretending to not miss a beat when we return in August. Blogging works in mysterious ways.

The point is, our Free MLB Picks will return shortly after the season begins this week, so be sure to sporadically check our site until football season.

Stock Lemon's 2011 NFL Mock Draft: Coming Soon

It's that time of year. The time when Stock Lemon turns into Mock Lemon, as we correctly pick each and every selection of the 2011 NFL Draft... or at least the first couple.

We know it's difficult to focus on the NFL right now with all of the labor talk going on, but the draft provides a nice break from courtroom chatter about the lockout. Except, of course, for the part where teams can't trade players for picks. That just blows.

Still, teams will pick players, and we'll pick the teams that pick the players, as we always do to varying degrees of success.

Even during a lockout, the NFL offseason is still America's No. 2 favorite sport. And just like its No. 1 favorite, we'll be here to bet on it.

And Then, There Was The Final Four

Just as we had predicted to start the NCAA Basketball season, VCU and Butler will be playing for the National Championship... or not.

Actually, we only correctly picked (against the spread) that Butler would be back. We got beaten by the hook in the UConn game (-2 1/2) and were flat out wrong on the others. So here we are, VCU, Butler, Kentucky and Connecticut. We'll have our picks later this week.

And no, we don't know why the only pictures of hot basketball girls happen to be Asian. Not that we're complaining.

The results:

Round 1: 3-0-1
Round 2: 16-16
Round 3: 7-9
Sweet 16: 7-1
Elite Eight: 1-3
Total: 34-29-1... 54%

It's Been a Sweet 16, Indeed (7-1 Round)

Our picks rebounded on the way to the Elite Eight, giving us one of our most profitable weekends of NCAA Tourney action, well, all season. And yes, that is Diana Taurasi. Deal with it.

Here are our Elite Eight Picks:

UConn -2 1/2 over Arizona

Butler +4 over Florida

North Carolina +2 over Kentucky

Kansas -10 1/2 over VCU

And a record update:

Round 1: 3-0-1
Round 2: 16-16
Round 3: 7-9
Sweet 16: 7-1
Total: 33-26-1... 56%

Following a 4-0 March Madness Thursday With Four More Picks

We finally found our groove on Thursday, hitting all four Sweet 16 Picks. Now it's time to build on our 55% mark with four more picks Friday.

North Carolina -4 1/2 over Marquette

VCU +4 over Florida State

Ohio State -5 1/2 over Kentucky

Kansas -10 1/2 over Richmond

And a results update:

Round 1: 3-0-1
Round 2: 16-16
Round 3: 7-9
Round 4: 4-0
Total: 30-25-1... 55%

And we must say, we aren't getting a lot of complaints that our photo isn't basketball related. Good luck!

As For Tonight's Late Free NCAA Tourney Picks...

...and accompanying basketball babe.

Butler +4 1/2 over Wisconsin

Arizona +9 1/2 over Duke

And for those interested, a rough day of chalk-laying on Thursday knocked us all the way down to .500 range for the tournament.

Round 1: 3-0-1
Round 2: 16-16
Round 3: 7-9
Total: 26-25-1... 51%

Quick! Thursday Early Game Free NCAA Basketball Picks!

Hustling to get these in on time...

UConn +2 over San Diego State

Florida -2 1/2 over BYU

We'll be back with the other games in a bit.

March Madness: Free 2011 NCAA Tournament Third Round Sunday Picks

Day four (technically day six) of the 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament is here, which is unfortunate because it means that three days of no basketball loom following Sunday's festivities. But we'll worry about that when we get there. For now, let's enjoy one last day before the tournament gets slow and boring and there are no more low seeds remaining. We hope you like chalk!

North Carolina -4 1/2 over Washington

Duke -11 1/2 over Michigan

Ohio State -11 over George Mason

Texas -6 over Arizona

Purdue -9 over VCU

Syracuse -4 1/2 over Marquette

Kansas -8 1/2 over Illinois

Notre Dame -5 over Florida State

That's right, we're playing favorites. All favorites. And the results so far:

Round 1: 3-0-1
Round 2: 16-16
Round 3: 5-3
Total: 24-19... 56%

March Madness: Free 2011 NCAA Tournament Third Round Picks

Saturday's picks are in! Let's get right to it:

West Virginia +4 over Kentucky

Florida -5 over UCLA

Richmond -4 over Morehead St.

San Diego State -4 over Temple

Pittsburgh -7 1/2 over Butler

BYU +1 1/2 over Gonzaga

Kansas St. +3 over Wisconsin

UConn -3 1/2 over Cincinnati

The tournament is a crazy time, yet our Free NCAA Basketball Picks have endured to go 54% through the first round(s?). Good luck!

Rounding Out The Second Round of the 2011 NCAA Tournament

We have two more Free NCAA Tournament Picks to dish out to complete our first... er... second round betting action. The picks are:

Ohio State -23 1/2 over Texas-San Antonio

Georgetown -5 1/2 over VCU

We've had some success thus far in the tournament and look forward to even more wins going forward. Here's an update on our record thus far in the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

Round 1: 3-0-1
Round 2: 9-7
Total: 12-7-1... 63%

Stock Lemon, just like Charlie Sheen, is focused on one thing. Duh, winning.

March Madness: Free 2011 NCAA Tournament Second Round Picks

We're not quite sure, but we think we're now entering Round 2 of the tournament, despite playing only four play-in games thus far.

Four play-in games that we posted a 3-0-1 record in, mind you. Want more where that came from? You're in luck: we're betting every single game in the first round--and we're including it all in one convenient post (well, all 30 games minus the two that were decided just hours ago. We'll post those last two tomorrow). Wrap your tiny little brains around that, readers!

Add to that the fact that we are back to posting pictures of scantily-clad and/or body-painted women! Good times at Stock Lemon!

So why waste any more time than we already have? Let's get to it!

Pittsburgh -17 1/2 over UNC-Asheville

Old Dominion -2 over Butler

Wofford +8 1/2 over BYU

Gonzaga +1 1/2 over St. John's

Utah State +2 over Kansas State

Wisconsin -4 1/2 over Belmont

Michigan State -1 1/2 over UCLA

Florida -12 1/2 over UC Santa Barbara

Kentucky -13 1/2 over Princeton

West Virginia -2 1/2 over Clemson

Xavier -2 over Marquette

Indiana State +12 1/2 over Syracuse

Washington -5 over Georgia

North Carolina -17 1/2 over Long Island

Temple -2 1/2 over Penn State

Missouri +1 over Cincinnati

UConn -10 over Bucknell

San Diego State -15 1/2 over Northern Colorado

Duke -23 over Hampton

Michigan +2 over Tennessee

Arizona -5 1/2 over Memphis

Oakland +10 over Texas

Louisville -10 over Morehead State (Why does everybody seem to like Morehead? Oh... right.)

Richmond +3 over Vanderbilt

Kansas -22 over Boston

UNLV -2 over Illinois

Purdue -14 1/2 over St. Peter's

Florida State +1 over Texas A & M

Notre Dame -14 over Akron

George Mason +1 over Villanova

How's that for information overload. We figure it beats the days when we used to post our pick for every game in the NCAA Tournament separated into 32 different posts. My how we've grown.

Have a great tourney day.

Where Should You Fill Out Your Bracket?

March Madness is here, but the big question remains: where should you fill out your 2011 March Madness NCAA Tournament bracket?

There's ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, USA Today, etc., etc.

Basically, there are as many places to fill out your brackets online as there are teams in the tournament. And they, too, keep expanding.

Tougher than picking your 12-5 upset is picking which site(s)--you better fill out more than one--t0 make your picks on.

We know what you're thinking. If only there was a place where we could compare sites and prizes. Yes, if only.

Behold Bankroll Sports' fantastic online database, giving you the scoop on tons of sites and the prizes that each one offers. That oughta clear everything up for you.

Be sure to get those brackets in by Thursday. Even if the "first round" is today, the truth of the matter is that still, nobody cares about four play in games. Except for those with money on them.

Bottom line: put some money on them. We've got your first four picks right here.

Let the March Madness Begin!

March Madness is upon us! The action gets underway today with the new "first round," aka four crappy play-in games.

But four crappy play-in games to bet on.

While you're downloading your official 2011 March Madness NCAA Tournament bracket, the only one on the internet with a convenient-to-print black background and a giant lemon cartoon in the middle, we'll give out some Free NCAA Basketball Picks for the first round of the tourney.

N.C. Asheville -4 over Arkansas-Little Rock

Clemson -4 1/2 over UAB

Texas-San Antonio -3 over Alabama State

VCU +4 1/2 over USC

Good luck and let's enjoy the tournament!

About Those Super Bowl XLV Prop Bet Results...

...The title of the post many of you wish you had seen on this site one month ago. You can count us in that bunch. We were all ready to go with our recap of Super Bowl XLV until experiencing some major technical difficulties. By the time we could finally post it, it was so irrelevant that we didn't even bother. And now, here we are, posting it anyway. Not the actual post, but at least acknowledgement that yes, we had planned on posting our Super Bowl XLV Prop Bet results.

As you might have read, we are knee deep into Super Bowl prop bets, and pride ourselves on the content we produce around that time. Unfortunately, that was cut short this year (though fortunately we were able to post everything we intended on leading up to the game).

Please accept the above picture of a bacon bra as our apology. We feel that is more than adequate.

So, with that vague explanation of our absence, let's get back to posting pictures of scantily-clad women and dishing out Free NHL Picks (which are still undefeated, by the way)!