About Those Super Bowl XLV Prop Bet Results...

...The title of the post many of you wish you had seen on this site one month ago. You can count us in that bunch. We were all ready to go with our recap of Super Bowl XLV until experiencing some major technical difficulties. By the time we could finally post it, it was so irrelevant that we didn't even bother. And now, here we are, posting it anyway. Not the actual post, but at least acknowledgement that yes, we had planned on posting our Super Bowl XLV Prop Bet results.

As you might have read, we are knee deep into Super Bowl prop bets, and pride ourselves on the content we produce around that time. Unfortunately, that was cut short this year (though fortunately we were able to post everything we intended on leading up to the game).

Please accept the above picture of a bacon bra as our apology. We feel that is more than adequate.

So, with that vague explanation of our absence, let's get back to posting pictures of scantily-clad women and dishing out Free NHL Picks (which are still undefeated, by the way)!