March Madness: Free 2011 NCAA Tournament Third Round Sunday Picks

Day four (technically day six) of the 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament is here, which is unfortunate because it means that three days of no basketball loom following Sunday's festivities. But we'll worry about that when we get there. For now, let's enjoy one last day before the tournament gets slow and boring and there are no more low seeds remaining. We hope you like chalk!

North Carolina -4 1/2 over Washington

Duke -11 1/2 over Michigan

Ohio State -11 over George Mason

Texas -6 over Arizona

Purdue -9 over VCU

Syracuse -4 1/2 over Marquette

Kansas -8 1/2 over Illinois

Notre Dame -5 over Florida State

That's right, we're playing favorites. All favorites. And the results so far:

Round 1: 3-0-1
Round 2: 16-16
Round 3: 5-3
Total: 24-19... 56%