March Madness: Free 2011 NCAA Tournament Second Round Picks

We're not quite sure, but we think we're now entering Round 2 of the tournament, despite playing only four play-in games thus far.

Four play-in games that we posted a 3-0-1 record in, mind you. Want more where that came from? You're in luck: we're betting every single game in the first round--and we're including it all in one convenient post (well, all 30 games minus the two that were decided just hours ago. We'll post those last two tomorrow). Wrap your tiny little brains around that, readers!

Add to that the fact that we are back to posting pictures of scantily-clad and/or body-painted women! Good times at Stock Lemon!

So why waste any more time than we already have? Let's get to it!

Pittsburgh -17 1/2 over UNC-Asheville

Old Dominion -2 over Butler

Wofford +8 1/2 over BYU

Gonzaga +1 1/2 over St. John's

Utah State +2 over Kansas State

Wisconsin -4 1/2 over Belmont

Michigan State -1 1/2 over UCLA

Florida -12 1/2 over UC Santa Barbara

Kentucky -13 1/2 over Princeton

West Virginia -2 1/2 over Clemson

Xavier -2 over Marquette

Indiana State +12 1/2 over Syracuse

Washington -5 over Georgia

North Carolina -17 1/2 over Long Island

Temple -2 1/2 over Penn State

Missouri +1 over Cincinnati

UConn -10 over Bucknell

San Diego State -15 1/2 over Northern Colorado

Duke -23 over Hampton

Michigan +2 over Tennessee

Arizona -5 1/2 over Memphis

Oakland +10 over Texas

Louisville -10 over Morehead State (Why does everybody seem to like Morehead? Oh... right.)

Richmond +3 over Vanderbilt

Kansas -22 over Boston

UNLV -2 over Illinois

Purdue -14 1/2 over St. Peter's

Florida State +1 over Texas A & M

Notre Dame -14 over Akron

George Mason +1 over Villanova

How's that for information overload. We figure it beats the days when we used to post our pick for every game in the NCAA Tournament separated into 32 different posts. My how we've grown.

Have a great tourney day.