Free 2011 NCAA Basketball Championship Pick

Monday's 2011 NCAA Tournament Championship Game concludes the 2010-11 season of college basketball, which for us really just began and March. We've had a successful run considering a) we hadn't bet on a college basketball game this season until the tournament and b) we bet on every single game in the tournament. Even with those two caveats, we've gone 55% during the tourney, proving yet again that we are pretty much awesome at whatever we do, regardless.

We'll try to continue our awesomeness with our championship pick:

Butler +3 1/2 over Connecticut

Given the lack of attractive girls from Butler posting scandalous pictures on the internet, please accept the above photo of Matt Howard bleeding his face off. Please, ladies of Butler, feel free to send along any such photos (scandalous, not bleeding) to and we will ensure that you get the appropriate attention from our site.

For posterity's sake, here are our records thus far from the 2011 NCAA Tournament March Madness:

Round 1: 3-0-1
Round 2: 16-16
Round 3: 7-9
Sweet 16: 7-1
Elite Eight: 1-3
Final Four: 2-0
Total: 36-29-1... 55%