Donna Feldman Biography And Pics

donna-feldman-picture-13 Donna Feldman was raised in California, the place where socially awkward teens have a reasonable chance of becoming internationally recognized models. Growing up, her incredibly shy personality, very tall frame and prominent braces made her an obvious target for teasing and less of a target for the modeling industry. Despite her awkward and introverted ways, Donna Feldman still managed to get into some solid trouble. One of her legendary moments came before she obtained her driver's license. On a whim, she decided to steal her brother's car while her parents were out of town, only to return home to find her mom and dad standing in the driveway waiting for her.
The first member of the Feldman family to enter the modeling world was actually Donna Feldman's older sister. During this period, modeling agents took notice of the younger Feldman female, who was well on her way to becoming beautiful. Nevertheless, Donna Feldman's parents didn't allow her start modeling right away – they were unhappy with the treatment of her sister by modeling types – so instead, Donna Feldman studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She would later graduate with a degree in marketing and merchandising.

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