Free NHL Picks WILL Bounce Back Tomorrow

Alright, alright. So our impervious Free NHL Picks are apparently vulnerable to the toxic atmosphere of the playoffs. After an overtime loss, our Free NHL Picks are now at a miserable 80%, but we're not taking our pucks and going home. After much deliberation (about a half a month's worth), we're finally ready to jump back into the frozen waters of the NHL. The pick for tomorrow night's Game 1:

Vancouver Canucks -1 1/2 (+180) over the San Jose Sharks

That's right... not only are we picking the mighty Canucks to beat the tired legs of the Sharks (if sharks do indeed have legs), we're picking them to win by two for a healthy payout of +180. We figure this will more than make up for our playoff gaffe resulting in our only NHL blemish in 2010-11.

Good luck, like you need it. These are our Free NHL Picks we're talking about, after all.