Stock Watch: A Look Back

Before we delve into some new stocks, let's take a look at our track record from the stock we were watching a while back. We'll list the date we introduced a stock we were watching, what the price was and what it is now.

We will no longer be rolling out any cheesy "Free Stock Picks" to make the stock market seem more like sports, though make no mistake, the stock market is just legalized gambling. Here's a look back:

June 15, 2009

MGM: Then - $7.13... Now - $14.19... Profit = $7.06 (+99.02%)
LVS: Then - $9.10... Now - $42.08... Profit = $32.98 (+362.42%)

IGT: Then - $16.30... Now - $16.57... Profit = $0.27 (+1.66%)

Welcome to the wonderful world of casino stocks. Had you bought LVS near its bottom, you would be in good shape at the moment. As you can see IGT has not quite had the same boon, so if you debated between LVS and IGT after we recommended both of them, and went with IGT--whoops. MGM bounced back as we expected, a nice 100% profit there. But LVS is clearly the cream of this crop.

September 23, 2008
AIG: Then - $5.00... Now -$27.65... Profit = $22.65 (+453.00%)

Lot's of bad press was going around about AIG at this time, but that's the key to making money in the market--take a contrarian approach when the market is bottoming out. That's when you can find value in big companies like AIG. We might even still buy AIG and expect to make money once the U.S. economy finally gets out of this thing, but to get in at five bucks is gold. It's all about timing.

January 29, 2008
ETFC: Then - $4.14... Now $14.49... Profit = $10.35 (+250.00%)

Another value pick here... It's almost hard to believe E-trade was down to four bucks (actually got down to two), and we simply got in at the right time again. Trusting that the big companies will bounce back (most of them) in a recession is the best way to make money, although the downside is that it requires the economy to be in a recession. We did a nice job getting into some of these near their bottoms and striking while the iron was hot, but we also missed an opportunity with other stocks that had bottomed and then ballooned back up even more. Still, we're happy with the results of the ones we were in on.

January 21, 2008
STTK: Then - $0.035... Now $0.06 (as STTN)... Profit = N/A

This is your lessen kids: don't bet on penny stocks. While the appeal of getting rich quick is there, it's very rare. You may be asking, what are you talking about Stock Lemon, though STTK changed its symbol, it is up from three-and-a-half pennies to six pennies, almost 100% profit! Sure, kids, it looks that way. But the reality is, as far as we can tell (we haven't really been paying attention to this one), they had some sort of reverse split a couple years ago wherein a single share of STTK is not equal to a single share of STTN. Anytime a company changes its symbol, unless it was bought by someone, it's not a good sign. This is a borderline bankrupt company that by all appearances had nothing to do with Bird Flu as they claimed. Sketchy.

As you can see, aside from our dip into penny stocks (idiots), we have fared pretty well in the past. Here's hoping for continued future success. Take note: all of these stocks were as of market close on Friday, in what has been a bad week to start what is likely to be a bad month. These stocks all reached even higher levels than their current prices.