Will Brett Favre Come Out of Retirement in 2011?

Now that the NFL lockout has finally been lifted, we can get back to betting on the game of football. Once again, we spent the entire summer desperately trying to maintain some sort of return web traffic by conjuring up Free Picks in baseball, tennis, golf, arena football and soccer. And, by all accounts, all picks (as well as attempts at more traffic) failed miserably.

But now, the NFL lockout has been lifted, and we can get back to our bread and butter. In 2011, we finished the season with an even 60% success rate on our Free NFL Picks. While we would like to improve on that number, 60% is generally a very good percentage if you want to make a living betting on football games--which of course, every human being to ever live would love to do.

And so, we present our first bet on the 2011 NFL season, fittingly enough involving the same Brett Favre prop bet that pops up this time of year, lockout or not.

Will Brett Favre return to the NFL in 2011?
Yes +275
No -350

Our wager is an emphatic no. While we've been burned by Favre on this very prop before, this year, for certain, he is retired. Some have wondered if a team like the Eagles--soon to be in need of a quality backup--or the Panthers or Seahawks--teams in need of a quality starter--will come calling to No. 4, especially considering the short time frame caused by the lockout in which rookie quarterbacks (like Carolina's Cam Newton) have to prepare for the upcoming season.

Rest assured, though, that the only way Favre benefited from the lockout is in the boost to retirement pensions. Favre is retired, and though the juice is horrible, this isn't a bad bet to lay down a crisp Benjamin and collect some easy money.